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Life is Better at the Lake | Iced Coffee Can Glass

Life is Better at the Lake | Iced Coffee Can Glass

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Picture yourself on a sunny day at the lake, savoring your cold beverage from our 'Life is Better at the Lake' 16 oz iced coffee can glass. Feeling the summer vibes, relaxing and just living your best life by the water. Every sip is like taking a mini vacation, helping you unwind and soak in the good times.

This can glass isn't just any glass; it's your buddy that makes your lake days even better. Soak up the tranquility of the lake, let the breeze do its thing, and dive into that peaceful vibe. With our 'Life is Better at the Lake' iced coffee can glass, you're not just drinking; you're celebrating the simple joys of life, all in one cool glass.  It even comes with a bamboo lid and stainless steel straw!

Here's to making memories by the lake, toasts to the happy days, and making the most of every sip with your glass in hand!

Dimensions: Glass - 5 1/2" H x 2 3/4" D; Straw - 8 1/4" H | Volume: 16 oz | Dishwasher Safe

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