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Fruit Loops | Spiral Reed Diffuser

Fruit Loops | Spiral Reed Diffuser

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Get ready to dive into nostalgia with our Fruit Loops Spiral Reed Diffuser! Remember that fruity, cereal-y smell that takes you right back to Saturday mornings watching cartoons? Yep, that's exactly what you'll get with this reed diffuser!

So, what's the deal with our reed diffusers? Well, it's like magic in a bottle. No candles, no fuss—just pop it open, and let it work its scent-sational charm. Perfect for busy moms like you who want to fill the house with yummy smells without worrying about little hands and flames.

But here's the best part: we're all about safety and quality. Our diffusers are totally legit in all 50 states, so no need for extra warnings or disclosures. Plus, we ditched the nasty stuff like Dipropylene glycol (DPG) that's in other diffusers—it's a no-go for us. And forget about toxic dyes or inks, phthalates, BPA, or sulfates. None of that junk here!

So go ahead, indulge in the sweet scent of childhood without any worries. Your home's gonna smell like a dream, and you'll feel good knowing you're keeping your family safe and happy. Now you CAN make every day smell like Saturday morning cartoons!

Dimensions: 2" W x 2" D x 8" H | Weight: 4 oz

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