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Don't Poke The Bear | Tall Campfire Coffee Mug - IMPERFECT

Don't Poke The Bear | Tall Campfire Coffee Mug - IMPERFECT

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*This product is imperfect-there is a slight imperfection in the lettering or coloring. There are no cracks or chips, and it's still a cozy mug to sip your coffee or tea from!

Say it WITHOUT actually saying a word. This silly mug will have the whole family giggling in the morning. We all know you don't poke the bear, at least until after coffee. This huge mug is a perfect gift for dad, grandpa, or if you're the 'bear' then treat yourself and remind those kiddos to back off until after you've had your coffee. 

Material: Ceramic | Style: Tall Camper Mug | Color: Black with white speckles | Imprint Color: White | Volume: 18 Oz

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