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Fresh Brewed Coffee | Handcrafted 3 Wick Pottery Dough Bowl Soy Candle

Fresh Brewed Coffee | Handcrafted 3 Wick Pottery Dough Bowl Soy Candle

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Transform your space into your favorite neighborhood café with our Fresh Brewed Coffee 3 Wick Pottery Dough Bowl Soy Candle! This rich, inviting scent fills the air with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, making every moment feel cozy and welcoming.

Hand-poured with dye-free soy wax and featuring cotton wicks, this candle ensures a clean, even burn that lets the delicious fragrance shine through. Housed in a charming rustic wood dough bowl, it adds a warm, rustic touch to your decor.

We’ve taken care to wrap each candle securely, so it arrives ready for you to enjoy without any dust or damage. And when the candle has melted away, simply wipe the bowl clean with warm water and use it to showcase your favorite trinkets.

Approx Dimensions: 9"-10"L x 6"-7" W x 2"-3" H | Burn Time: Approx. 45 Hours | Weight: 0.8 lb / 13 oz | Toxin Free | Chemical Free | Eco Friendly | Cruelty Free

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