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Who You Are Is Not What You Do

Who You Are Is Not What You DO🌈⁣

Let’s stop basing our worth on what we DO....it doesn’t matter in the end how clean our houses are, what title we have, how much laundry we did or didn’t do today, how many items we crossed off the to-do list today....⁣

Did you show up today for your children? Did you make your spouse feel loved? Did you do something kind for a neighbor or community? Did you do something for your own growth or mental health?⁣

⁣Our worth is not defined by what we do....it’s how we show up, and it’s not about perfection....we all have ugly moments. Take the pressure off, be a good person, and that’s all the world needs right now.✨ ⁣

Let me know if you agree!♥️

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