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Tips for dealing with overwhelm and anxiety

I am popping in with a little bit of support and encouragement today.

I know that things still aren't normal. They're still uncertain. They're still scary. There's so much going on and to think about, especially with the upcoming school year.

So if you're feeling scatterbrained or overwhelmed, here are a few tips to get back to a calmer state of mind:

Take a deep breath and go easy on yourself. Be grateful and positive for the things in your life and let go of the things you can't control.

Examine your routine. Identify periods to just be present and find the gaps where a little goes a long way with your family. 

Guard your thoughts. The feeling of being of being overwhelmed or scatterbrained is the results of the thoughts in our bouncing around with everything going on in our homes and in our world. When we can control our thoughts, we can control our circumstances. The more positive thoughts you think, the more positivity will be in your life. 

Simplify. Simplify your life. Many of us have been forced to cancel events, sports, vacations, etc this year. While that may be a big disappointment, we can still create a positive attitude about the situation that it allows us to be in. A more simple schedule, where we can sit down and enjoy dinner together, or take a walk together could be just what we need. 

If we can eliminate distractions, negative thoughts or activities that don't bring us joy, we can find it easier to be present, be calm and make good use of the time we have together that wouldn't have had normally. And that's a huge win, especially as mothers right now....we need it as much as our children need us.

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