Things we CAN control TODAY

About a year ago, I heard a phrase that has stuck with me, and that I'm reminding myself over and over during this time of uncertainty. 

The phrase is "control the controllable." 

With the coronavirus spreading, schools closing, the panic in the public and constant news coverage of it all, it can be really easy to get overwhelmed and feel the anxiety as well. 

So something I can keep reminding myself, so that I can be the safe place for my family, is you can only control the controllable. We cannot control who will get sick. We cannot control the schools closing. We cannot control the fact that people are stocking up on toilet paper (?!). We cannot control how others react and panic to this. 

But there are some things that we CAN control. 

  • We can control our health-exercising, eating right, taking vitamins.
  • We can control our mindset-reading good books, watching things that will fuel our mind with positivity, and talking to trusted friends and family.
  • We can control our reactions to news, to ensure that we don't put our own families into panic. 

So while there is a lot out there that we can't control, let's do our best to control what we can...what happens within the walls of our own homes...being the safe place for our families...taking care of ourselves......and putting love at the front of it all.

We are in this together, and if you need a friend to chat to, I'm always email or dm away! <3 Sending love and light to you all today.

PS-the mug in this photo was created BEFORE the corona virus existed, and right now, I LOVE waking up to drink my coffee from it....don't worry, be happy! You can snag one HERE

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