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The Truly Important Things in Life

Nothing matters more than enjoying the small, seemingly unimportant moments with the ones you love.⁣

That’s the message I’m hearing over and over this morning on the radio, as the radio hosts and reporters are discussing the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant. ⁣

We can so easily caught in the hustle and bustle of the every day-work, laundry, housework, bills, etc. But in the end, those things don’t matter. It’s how you show up for the ones you love, how you’re impacting your family, your home and the world.⁣

Death scares me now more than ever because I do have little ones. But I know one day I want to leave a legacy for my children too...and that requires constant growth, learning and being better. It’s about being my best, treating people with respect, being kind, doing things that make an impact and having fun with life and the little moments. ⁣

Is this hitting you hard too?😭


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