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Story Behind The Hearts Tattoo + 48 Hour Clearance!

How does a summer clearance sound?! And a little backstory of that tattoo you always see in my pictures...which has now been turned into my logo and used for branding the shop!

First of all.....summer clearance is going down only for the next 48 hours....! There’s FOUR summer mugs on sale with code: BYESUMMER here to see them all, then go take advantage cause they’re big, sturdy, cozy and give you all the feel-good vibes when you wake up in the morning.

Second, the tattoo....the very special tattoo which symbolizes so much for me. This was an impulse this past holiday season. My sister came to visit for Thanksgiving at my house and it was the first holiday we spent together in over a decade...and so fabulous! So...on Black Friday, after a full day of making homemade pierogis for Christmas, and singing and dancing with my mom and sister in my kitchen, we headed out to get matching tattoos. The three matter where we are, we’re still in each other’s hearts and it’s a bond that’s irreplaceable. Special. Unconditional. We each left one heart open.

For me, this also reminds me of my boys every day....I’ll always have an open heart for my two boys, loving them at all stages and parts of life.

So now, this symbol will be on all my products moving forward. You’ll know the story behind it, that you’re getting an original piece, and that you’re supporting a family owned business...with big dreams to impact and empower. And that YOU are making it all possible. And for that, I’ll be forever grateful.

And I have to give a HUGE shout out to my husband for giving me the idea of using this special symbol for our business .... perfection!

Have a happy day, friend!


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