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Self Care Tips For Moms During Back To School Season

It's that time, time for kids to go back to school! For many of us mamas, summer
break is a test of endurance, patience, cramming in late night work and
juggling extra-chaotic weekends. So, when the kids go back to school, it's
that time... TIME FOR YOU.

After a kid-filled home this summer (possibly even longer, thanks to COVID), it is time for all us moms to take some time for ourselves.

Back to school for the kiddos normally means back to a regular schedule, and after a busy summer, that feels amazing. Whether you're back to a regular busy schedule or need other things to fill up your time after the kiddos go back to school, be sure to find something that's just for YOU too.

Here's a few ideas:
  • Go out to lunch with a friend you want to catch up with.
  • Schedule that long overdue manicure.
  • Sit outside and enjoy the crisp fall air with your favorite fall-flavored coffee.
  • Destress in a bubble bath with a warm MUG full of coffee (or win).

Time to breathe, mamas. Take some time for yourself to unwind, destress and breathe. We made it through another fun summer, we gave our best to those kids to ensure they had a blast. Now, breathe. It's time for YOU.
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