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Self Care for Mom

You can’t pour from an empty cup...and if there was ever a time I understood this, it’s right now.🌈⁣

At the beginning of this whole quarantine thing, I was not filling my own cup. I was getting up and rushing around, making sure everyone else was okay, except for me. ⁣

A few weeks ago, I started to change that and it’s made a huge difference in my mood, patience and mental state. ⁣

I started exercising when I could, without pressure. I started writing down my gratitude list and goals in the morning again, while drinking my coffee and while the kids are watching cartoons and snuggling. I started reading more again. I do things that I enjoy and make it a point to have FUN and LAUGH!⁣

These were all things I used to do, regularly, then slipped out of during the change. It’s easy to do that, right?! ⁣

So, today, I wanted to remind you that it’s okay if you’ve let yourself slip...if you’ve stopped your own self care routine {whatever that looks like to you}. I did too, and some days, honestly, none of that happens {cause life is hectic af right now}! And that’s okay....I choose to give myself grace on those days and you should too. ⁣

But don’t forget to take care of you when you can, mama. We matter too.🖤
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