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New Year's Eve with Kids

Ring In 2022 With Family-Friendly Activities

We may not be out hitting the town (once again) as we ring in the new year… but… that’s okay! We love staying home, cozied up with the kids, making memories.

One of the few good things to come out of the last few years of COVID craziness is the realization that the most meaningful celebrations are the simple ones with those we love. Check out these family-friendly ideas to ring in 2022 and create memories to last a lifetime!

Pop a Balloon Every Hour

There’s something exciting about popping balloons at the top of the hour, every hour, until midnight!  Kiddos will LOVE this activity! Of course, you don't have to keep popping until midnight…. start at noon, start after dinner, do a dozen, or do a few.

Fill the balloons up with sequins, confetti, or glitter and a slip of paper with an activity for that hour written on it. Kids will love the anticipation and it adds a little mystery and excitement to the evening.

If you don’t prefer balloons, this activity can be done with simple paper bags instead.
And the best thing about this activity is that it can be tailored to bedtimes!!


Make Crafts to Celebrate

NO NEED to buy party hats and noisemakers—instead, make crafting part of your celebration. Try making holiday crackers, confetti poppers, noisemakers, and shakers.

Create a Time Capsule

Something that will become extra meaningful down the line is creating a time capsule of this year (which has been quite a year—again!). Even though people would rather forget 2020, it could be a good time for families to collect items in a time capsule to look back on when these mask-wearing days are a mere memory (can’t wait).

Cook New Year’s Eve Dinner Together

Instead of reservations at an expensive fancy restaurant with long wait times, try cooking at home and have the kids help out in the kitchen. The best way to get kids excited about cooking is to make their favorite foods, so try letting them set the menu.

Brainstorm a Bucket List for 2022

A great way to generate excitement for the future is to make a wish list together of the adventures and new experiences you want to have in 2022.

Play Special New Year's Eve Games

In addition to the family favorites Monopoly and Clue, try some New Year games as well.  In the game Two Resolutions and a Lie, each player shares three resolutions, one of which is a lie. Everyone else has to figure out which resolution is false. (mine would be the one about giving up coffee...)

Watch a Slideshow of 2021

Create a year-end slideshow. Have your kids narrate the show; an enjoy what you hear as they narrate specific events.

Stargaze with a Warm Drink

Let the night sky provide your New Year’s Eve show (it's free). Take advantage of the chill, the winter sky, and the final night of 2021. Bundle up, grab a blanket, fill a mug with cocoa or hot cider, and take the family outside to look at the stars.


*Ideas inspired by “12 Ideas for Celebrating New Year’s Eve at Home with Kids”

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