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Mother's Day Gift Guide - Made For Mama Shop

Mother's Day feels extra special this year. Don't get us wrong, it's special every single year, and moms always deserve all the love, but this year feels extra special because this past year, moms rose up to take on more roles than ever, and if you ask us, they deserve something special.

So, we've put together a Mother's Day Gift Guide to help you pick out the perfect gift for mom or grandma....and we want to make it easy on you, so there's always an option to add gift bags, personalized messages and even some custom products!

This guide includes gifts for EVERY type of mom......and can be used year-round, even for birthdays, anniversaries, or a 'just because' type of gift.  

Motherhood Embrace The Chaos Campfire Coffee Mug: We know motherhood isn't always a walk in the park. It's messy, it's fun, it's chaotic and sometimes, it's just downright challenging. But as moms, we embrace it, mostly cause we have to, but also, because we love it. This mug is perfect for those moms in the thick of toddlerhood!

Mama Bear Campfire Coffee Mug : This campfire mug was designed for the mama bears--they normally have an appreciation for the outdoors, they're protective, loving and fierce when they need to be!

You Feel Like Sunshine : Do you have a mom friend who makes you feel warm, loved and invited? They can instantly bring a smile to your face? This mug was created for them! 

MomLife Campfire Coffee Mug : This large coffee mug is perfect for a new's big, it's cozy and it includes a perfect description of motherhood....selfless, gift, worthwhile, sacrifice, etc.

Live Life In Full Bloom Mason Jar : This mason drinking jar is perfect for the homeschool mama...she's home all day, working with the kids, and can use this for drinking water, iced coffee, a margarita in the evening, a bloody mary, etc....or she can use it as a cute vase for the home!

Yes You Can Travel Mug : The Yes You Can Travel Mug is great for working mamas, always on the go! It'll keep coffee hot, or keep cold drinks cold for hours!

Good Job Today Wine Tumbler : This is the perfect wine tumbler for mom to grab at the end of a long reminds her that she did a great job and that it's time to wind down with a glass of wine. Wine-loving moms will love this!

HandStamped Coffee Spoons : These beautiful antique spoons are handstamped to make mom feel extra special in the morning while sipping her coffee. They can also be personalized for mom or grandma!

You Are A Warrior Coffee Mug : If you have a strong mama, wife or friend in your life, this mug will remind them every day that they are a warrior. They've been through hard things but have come out stronger.

We hope this gift guide gave you some great ideas for Mother's Day shopping this year! Happy shopping!

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