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Memories Will Outlast The Mess

This is how we felt when our new shipment of mugs came in today!!

They arrived and Tanner helped me unpack them, yelling “It’s snowing!!!” as he threw the peanuts in the air! ⁣

As much of a mess as we have in the office now, I know that the memories outlast the mess and I’m *trying* to live by that motto a little more these we had a blast and I chose to just be grateful that I’m able to build this business at home, from the heart and have some extra help.😉

It's not easy to keep that motto in the forefront though-after I had Tanner, I developed post partum anxiety, and it's something that's stuck with me since. Things like messes, spontaneous visits, things being out of routine or order.....they make me anxious. BUT I know that my kids don't know that....they don't understand why I get anxious, nor should they, so I try my best to keep it cool and live in the moment the best that I can. And hopefully it'll get easier and that something you struggle with as well?

PS-The new mugs are the exact vision I had when I started this....they’re cozy, they’re comfy, they scream warmth and family and outdoors .... and I can’t wait to share them! ⁣

Do you have a favorite style of mug to sip your coffee from in the morning? Anything that makes you feel extra warm and cozy and lovey?! 

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