Let's Be Brave Together

Brave girl....whatever dream or wish you hold in your heart, I hope you go for it. I hope you believe in yourself with your entire being-and in those moments that you might not, I hope you pretend until you DO believe again. I hope you never settle when it comes to your dreams-I hope you always chase them with wild lust and fiery passion. I hope you never let the doubters and nonbelievers stop you, and that you let the obstacles strengthen and humble you. Brave girl, I hope you go for your dreams because they are yours to have.

Beautiful words by Nikki Banas, meant for YOU today, my friend. ⁣

Let’s be brave together as we navigate the ongoing changes, uncertainty and just plain old scary things happening in the world right now. Let’s keep our dreams close to our hearts, and show up together and practice courage even when we’re scared. You are brave. You are strong. You are capable.

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