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For Such A Time As This.....

Hope you’re safe + healthy...lots cheers this morning for making it through the quarantine so far...☕️⁣

I received a custom order last week for this phrase and this mug, and it’s been speaking to my soul ever since.👇🏻⁣

This quarantine has been weird-having both the kiddos home all day has been challenging at times trying to also run my business, but more than that, it’s just strange that everything is closed, there’s hardly anyone on the roads, people are hoarding toilet paper and other’s just weird, and some moments I’ve felt myself getting sucked into all the news and negativity. It’s easy to do when that’s the majority of what’s shared. ⁣

BUT I’ve also read some amazing stories from friends I know who have been the receiver of a gift, of kind words, of gratitude for their profession of nursing. There’s a lot of GOOD happening and people coming together right now too, even if it’s virtually....teachers, yoga instructors, health coaches, therapists....lots of resources being shared. Lots of GOOD. Lots of KINDNESS.⁣

So if you feel yourself slipping into a negative state or anxiousness, feel it, cause that’s okay, but know when it’s enough and then look for the GOOD...cause it’s out there too. Then share the good stories with your kiddos and teach them the lessons of kindness. ⁣

If this spoke to you, just know that we’re in this together, as always, and if you need to chat it out, I’m here too.♥️
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