Enjoying the Little Moments

My favorite kind of mornings involve coffee, cartoons and cuddles.😍

I never thought I’d have mornings like these with my babies. I was climbing the corporate ladder for 11 years, and my oldest was 4 when I knew it was time to be home with my babies. ⁣

I craved the slow mornings. I wanted so badly to tell them good morning when they woke up. I wanted to make them breakfast....to snuggle up and watch cartoons together. ⁣

It’s those little moments I remember as a child too-watching cartoons, the smell of my mom’s coffee, singing Skinnamarinky dinky dink....skinnamarinky-doo, I love you.🎶 

It’s the little moments and experiences, I think, that are most memorable.🖤

If I can do it, so can you. Anything is possible if you have a strong enough reason to keep you going in the hard moments. 

Do those little things take you back and give you all the feels too?! ⁣Do you LOVE the slow mornings with your kiddos too? Or have any special kind of breakfast you like to cook them or morning activities you do together?

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