These are the days....

These are the days I dreamed about as a mama♥️...waking up with the kids, heading out for a special pancake breakfast, running errands with them, and following it all up with a trip to the playground.⁣

This isn’t how my life looked 3 years, I would’ve been heading back into the office/cubicle after an amazing holiday season...without seeing my kiddos in the morning, and actually not seeing them until 5:30 or 6 in the evening. There would’ve been no special breakfast, no trip to Target, no stopping at the park for the sunshine + smiles. ⁣

This is not how motherhood looked for me the first few years into took a lot of work, a lot of sacrifice {still does}, a lot of messy action and working on myself {and obviously, a lot of support from my hard-working husband}.⁣

I share this because THIS is what I always pictured my motherhood looking like....and if this is what you think of too, but you’re feeling stuck, I’ve been there too. There are ways to make it work. There are opportunities to make it work. There are people out there who have done it, made it work and it’s led them down a path they never thought would exist for them {🙋🏻‍♀️}. ⁣

This is your reminder that ANYTHING is possible for just takes time, commitment, and being open to new things.🖤⁣

Also, the amount of times Tanner randomly said today “I love you, Bubba” to Wyatt throughout the whole day melted my heart into teeny pieces.🥰
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