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You Can't Pour From An Empty Cup

You can’t pour from an empty’s one of my favorite sayings because I’ve found it to be so true, especially after having children.

I used to be filled with guilt, even before having kids, if I wanted to do something alone....then I had kids and that guilt only intensified. BUT I need that time...I need alone time. Rest time. Quiet time. It doesn’t happen every day, but I do try my best to take a few minutes to read, workout or do something to make me feel rested and more alive each day. And I always feel so much better afterwards.

We need to take time to care for ourselves, because if we don’t, it will get really hard to care for the people who also need us. Fill your cup up too, my friend. Make time for deserve it too.

It can look different for everyone but a few ideas:

•hot bath with your favorite candle
•read a good book
•enjoy a hot cup of coffee
•call a good friend
•have a dance party with the kids
•listen to an inspiring podcast in the shower
•take an extra long shower
•take a walk and notice the beauty in nature

Again, listen to what your body and mind are needing and don’t feel guilty for taking the time to give yourself what you need.
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